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23 October 2008 @ 07:33 pm
[Scene] The Four Horsemen - finished!  
Note: This is the final part of this tagged thread, and Crystal has said that this now means we are ready to move on!

Josh peered down the hatch of the jet, where Kitty and Laura had exited. He licked his lips apprehensively - Kitty could phase slowly into the boat to avoid injury, and Laura would heal herself if necessary. Of course, Josh could heal, too - but his was always a conscious action, unlike Laura's mutation, and there was a nagging feeling in the back of his head wondering if death could come so quickly he wouldn't have time to fix himself.

He readied himself and took the dive, pushing away the moment of hesitation. He would land right on the middle of the deck, and safely roll into a landing. He had to find his targets as soon as possible. Josh dove -- and was knocked off course by the frozen ice form of Bobby Drake. The cold overtook him. Josh was unconscious for the fall until he landed in the water.

Atop a pillar of ice, Bobby descended on him, his eyes blank and soulless. As he drew closer to Josh, the water around him became colder and colder. Josh was nearly helpless. He was too far away from the boat to swim there at the rate Bobby was chilling the water.

Josh never had to experience hypothermia before, but he was confident he could stop it. Over the years his powers had grown so acute he could maintain a safe body temperature even in the almost-frozen bay.

A frozen platform formed beneath Josh's body in the water and pushed him up out of the river. Bobby spread his hands, blank gaze still boring into the other mutant's eyes. Thick ice encased Josh's legs, pinning him to the platform. He glanced around and watched as the entire bay turned to ice, waves freezing in jagged shapes below.

Stairs formed, leading from Bobby's pillar to where Josh was trapped. Bobby descended slowly, purposefully, his ice-form gleaming eerily in the half-darkness.

"Bobby!" Josh shouted into the swirls of ice above him. "I can help you! I can get it out of your system! Just let me help!" He strugged against the ice surrounding his body, all while still maintaining his body temperature.

The power enveloping Bobby was the only thing he could feel. "I don't want it gone," he said simply as he finally reached Josh. "You too will understand." He uncapped the syringe and knelt, roughly grabbing Josh by the hair and pulling his head back.

Josh cried out as his arms were pinned behind him. Bobby, with his enhanced strength, twisted them until there was an ugly crack piercing the air. By the time Bobby let go, Josh was already healing himself, but Bobby had already bought himself time. As Josh's bones crunched together and realigned themselves, Bobby was uncapping the final syringe.

Josh was out of time. He couldn't heal himself fast enough. When Bobby came for him, Josh reared his head back and struck the other mutant, his friend, as hard as he could in the head. There was a sickening crunch. Josh could use his body in physical attacks much more violently than most people - people who couldn't heal themselves. This blow to Bobby's head came at full force, and sent the ice wielding mutant to the ground. Slowly, he picked himself back up, and when he did, Josh was finally ready for him. Bobby came to his knees and was instantly grabbed at the neck.

"I could kill you right now, Bobby, if you don't stop. Back down, man. Come on. Stop this," Josh coaxed.

Instead of a surrender, what Josh got was laughter. "You can't kill me, or stop me. And now, you'll know how it feels."

Josh could not bring himself to use his strongest weapon on his friend. As a threat - and what he hoped would only be a bluff - metallic black swarmed up Josh's arm and into the hand that was gripping Bobby by the neck.

A small, grim smile grew on Bobby's face. He raised his empty hand and wrapped strong, icy fingers around Josh's forearm. Josh felt his flesh rapidly cooling, an almost unbearable cold spreading from the point where Bobby's hand gripped his arm. Bobby squeezed harder and forced his arm back.

The syringe emptied into Josh's neck, and as it burned through his body, he cried out in pain. The small patch of metallic black spread through his skin until it completely enveloped him, leaving no trace of gold or goodness in Josh.